AbuseButler - Spamvertised Sites

This site tracks the volume of URLs (websites) advertised via spam email messages.

A variety of reports are provided:

The default report shows the 40 most often recorded spamvertised sites for the past seven (7) days.
The last hour and last 24 reports display entries for those respective periods.
The archive report shows the top 100 entries aggregated by domain. This helps overcome randomized host entries some spamvertisers use hoping to 'fly below the RADAR.'

This site does not provide a block / blacklist directly, but some data is shared with SURBL and other blacklists as a source of possible abusive URI. The information on this site has not been vetted and may contain sites that appear in spam, but are not affiliated with the spammers. Most listed domains are a nuisance because they are used for spamvertised sites. Generally no abusive traffic orginates from these domains, so a traditional blacklist would be of little use. The SURBL provides an excellent way to filter unwanted messages based on content rather than source.

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