AbuseButler - Spamvertised Sites Info

Many people have mailed me about ways to deal with and fight spam. A great many sites contain many tips on this topic. This page contains a few ideas that are not widely discussed elsewhere.

1. Use a mail system that supports distributed spam filtering and reporting. Gmail and SpamCop are very different systems, but both offer good filtering and reporting. Regardless of what mail system you use, if it allows you to mark messages as spam, it is generally worth taking the time to mark spam instead of simply deleting it. Doing so will help train your mail client's filtering.

2. Report incorrect WHOIS information for spamvertised domains via Internic's WDPRS service. Reporting these domains helps get them shutdown and raises the cost of business for spammers. A great source of domains to check for reportable inaccuracies is the AbuseButler daily report. Please only report domains that contain clearly incorrect data. Do not report a domain simply because it is used in spams.

3. If you manually report spam, use the Abuse.net lookup page to find the proper reporting address.

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